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You already know me. Whether we have made contact or I have been haunting the dark corners of your brain, we have met. In fantasy or reality, our planes intersect at kink. Scattered across secret facets of existence we share a common interest. The influence over you is undeniable. 

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My Story

I am a naturally dominant, fun loving kinkster who has a passion for perversion and creative sadism. I am kind, yet cruel. I love fostering a place of alternative intimacy in a space where fantasy and reality meet. Over a decade of experience in mindfucking, I am an expert at BDSM. 

Explore the physical and mental aspects of kink interest Me deeply. Holding space for others to experience their fantasies in a safe way is fundamental to My practice. I am skilled in the traditional arts of discipline and domination - bondage, flogging, spanking, role play, and toying with your mind. Being classically trained after falling in to dominance at a young age created a force to be reckoned with.

A submissive who understands the value of service and devotion will find themselves honored to be at My feet. I strive to reach the dark places of your mind and using it to my twisted whims. I encourage others to abolish shame, open up to their deeper selves and experience the mindful and healing benefits of power dynamics and fetish.


Currently not taking new IRL clients. Existing clients may contact. New digital inquiries accepted. 

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