• Miss N

Locked Up For Mistress

Waking up, with a hard on, again. You just need a little time to release, that will make everything better until the next.. wave of arousal. Wondering to yourself you think "I wish I could just lock it up and throw away the key". There is a tone of seriousness in the joke but now that you have released you move on with your day. As time passes the sexual energy starts to build again, you can feel its slow tingle in your groin. "Again?" Yes, again. You seem to be set off by something, it's has become easy for you to get distracted. "Lock it up.. is sounding more appealing with every day"..

Maybe you need to give up control to the one thing that you seemingly can't control. The sexual energy within you clouds your brain, if only you could just.. give it up. That could be dangerous.. you think in the back of your mind. With the power of a key someone could completely control you if they could control your access to your ability to release.. you start to get excited again...

You are in luck, I absolutely love taking control of your sexual center. Locking you up and teasing you to really test your devotion to control your major distraction. However this may not be easy for you.. as I enjoy testing your limits. I can tell that you are horny, you are even getting excited now reading about being locked up. Imagine.. being tied down.. edged.. so close to release and suddenly you feel the cold metal cage clamp around you. The key turns and you suddenly lost all control, but don't worry.. you are safe. I slide your key on to my necklace for safe keeping. It dangles on my pale soft chest. You won't be getting a copy, not yet. You aren't ready to be trusted with this type of power. Clearly it's been hard for you to handle, I however I love being entrusted with the key. I lean over so they dangle in your face. A little sadistic look in my eyes..

You can feel yourself slowly deflating. good.. that cage was very tight. It becomes a little more comfortable however you always feel it's presence. The weight of the cage reminds you of the power you have relinquished. This will become more apparent as you become aroused while locked. Something that has controlled you for so long is suddenly.. under control itself. It will try to fight back, but it is no match. You feel relief over this part of you, a submitting to the reality that you are now locked and a beautiful Mistress holds your key.

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